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GNS and DuPont Cooperating for New Development of the Building Field
The publisher:admin Date:2020-11-10

GNS and DuPont Cooperating for New Development of the Building Field


On 5th November , Gunuo (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GNS") and "DuPont", the global chemical giant, held a cooperation signing ceremony at the Shanghai DuPont Innovation Center. Both parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in brand authorization, market development, and marketing in response to the increasing market demand.

 (Guan Feng (right), Chairman of GNS, and Nie Xiaobing (left), President of DuPont Asia Pacific, signed a contract successfully)  


Li Fuchen, Vice President of Aluminum Window, Door and Curtain Wall Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association, Lu Guohui, Secretary-General of China Polyurethane Industry Association, Bai Baokun, Chairman and President of Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Products Co., Ltd., Huang Ruobing, Senior Vice President of BASF Global Monomer Business Division, Yang Hui, Vice President of BASF Asia Pacific Monomer Business Division, Shi Yu, Deputy General Manager of COFCO Packaging Group, and Chen Heqing, General Manager of COFCO Packaging Branch, attended the signing ceremony.


(Leaders and guests attending the signing ceremony took a group to mark the occasion)


The signing ceremony marks that both parties will exert their respective advantages to achieve powerful combination, complementary advantages and mutual benefit. With regard to cooperation, both parties will focus on polyurethane foam sealing agents, and work together to provide the global market with products of higher standards and higher quality.


“ I am deeply impressed by the vision of a Chinese enterprise for the future and market through the business negotiation with GNS. DuPont chose GNS, based on the principle of COOPERATE WITH BELLWETHER ONLY, for promoting the core technology of DuPont all over China quickly by relying on the strong and powerful production and sales capability.  I hope we can help GNS go for a new stage in the branding, product, competitiveness and so on.” 

Said Nie Xiaobing, president of DuPont Asia Pacific said during the conference.


Guan Feng, President  of GNS, stating that GNS has stood out in a decade of competition, and forged ahead on the road to high-quality development. Its brands --"GNS", "MASENSE" and "TALENT", continue to fight for more market share . After the alliance with DuPont brand, GNS laid the footstone for the next step of development, leading the standards of the sealing material industry of China to a new height, and offering better services and help to the Chinese building field in the future.


GNS products have been sold to 76 countries and regions around the world, with an annual output of 160 million cans, and a 50% market share in China, and won the favor of customers and the market for their stable quality and professional services. It is believed that the cooperation between GNS and DuPont will provide the global market with polyurethane products of more extensive applications and more mature technology in the future.


(multiple sides have participated in witnessing the signing ceremony of cooperation between Gunuo and DuPont)