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Update time: 2015-6-20

Small Aquarium Suitable, Popular for Professional Installers.


Large Glass Panel


100% Silicone Rubber


Product Description  

S456 is a one part, high performance silicone sealant with ultimate tensile strength, mechanical properties for curtain wall, Total Vision System (TVS) and architectural applications. It has very good weathering resistance, durability, sealing and bonding properties.


Typical Use

For Total Vision System (TVS).

Aquarium, big fish tank and general decorative usages.

Skylinghts, canopies and general glazing.

For butt-joints and corner joints.

For special architectural glazing.

Non-oily wood and some other construction materials.



Apply to clean ,dry and grease-free surfaces. Cut the nozzle at 45°angle to the desired shape and size. Screw nozzle on the cartridge. Place cartridge in the caulking gun. Apply sealant into the base of the joint so that it can completely fill the joint. Tool the surface of the joint immediately after sealant application to provide a smooth even finish and ensure the sealant wets both sides of the joint. Remove the masking tape after tooling. Do not disturb the joint for 48 hours. Avoid contact with various cleaning agents for solvents (e.g. bleach) whilst sealant is curing.



Do not use in stone curtain walls.

Do not use when substrate temperature is above 50 or surfaces that are wet,oily,greasy,dusty or dirty.

Do not use for sub-graded application, confined space or surfaces that require post finishes or paintings.

Do not use in manufacture of Insulated Glass (IG) units.

Do not clean or treat the sealant with materials, solvents or cleaning agents that may affect or discolor the sealant, particularly during sealant cure.


Shelf Life

12 months from manufacture date when store in cool dry locations below 25, keep away from heat source and direct sunlight during storage.



Translucent. Contact us for special colours.



Uncured silicone can irritate eyes and skin. If contact is made with eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice. Use in well ventilated area and keep out of reach for children.  


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