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GNS 920 kitchen and Bathroom Silicone Sealant
Update time: 2015-6-20

Anti Fungus
Neutral Cure


GNS Kitchen and Bathroom Silicone Sealant 920 is a neutral cure, one part, non-mixing required, RTV silicone sealant. Mildew resistance which can be applied in kitchen, bathroom and sanitary wares like shower screens, bath-tubs, sinks and so on.Can be applied in any season with excellent weathering, UV light, vibration, moisture, ozone, temperature extremes.

Apply to clean, dry and grease-free surfaces. Cut the nozzle at 45°angle to the desired shape and size. Screw nozzle on the cartridge. Place cartridge in the caulking gun. Apply sealant into the base of the joint so that it can completely fill the joint. Tool the surfaces of the joint immediately after sealant application to provide a smooth even finish and ensure the sealant wets both sides of the joint. Remove the masking tape after tooling. Use in well-ventilated areas.


Do not use in structural application.
Do not use when substrate temperature is above 50°C or surfaces that are wet, oily, greasy, dusty or dirty.
Do not use for sub-graded application, confined space or surfaces that require post finishes or paintings.


12 months from manufacture date when store in cool dry locations below 25°C.



Translucent, White, Black, Grey.Contact us for special colours.


Uncured silicone can irritate eyes and skin. If contact is made with eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice. Use in well ventilated area and keep out of reach for children.

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